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Broken Braces (What to do) 

Even though you may do everything to avoid it, it is common for braces to break at one time or another.  Braces, brackets, bands, and wires may become loose or break because of chewing hard or sticky food or for unknown reasons.  You should contact your orthodontist if your braces break or become loose.  Repairs are usually easy.

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The components of your braces may loosen, break, or come off completely.  You should not attempt to fix your braces yourself.  Save any pieces that come off and bring them to your orthodontist appointment.  If a wire or bracket protrudes and causes discomfort, you may cover it with dental wax until your appointment.

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You should contact your orthodontist if your braces become loose or broken.  Your orthodontist will decide if an urgent repair is necessary or if it may wait until your next scheduled appointment. 

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Braces can usually be repaired easily and quickly.  The components of your braces may need to be replaced or adjusted.  It is important to report problems to your orthodontist promptly and comply carefully with your orthodontist’s instructions.

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