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Pediatrics - Thumb Sucking 

Thumb sucking is a natural reflex for babies.  They may suck on their thumb, pacifier, or other objects to relax, induce sleep, explore their world, or for security.  Youngsters usually stop thumb sucking between the ages of two and four years old.  Some children may continue to suck their thumbs past this period.

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Thumb sucking can cause dental and skeletal problems if it persists after the permanent front teeth are ready to come in.  Thumb sucking can affect the way the mouth grows.  It can influence jaw formation and alter bite patterns.  Thumb sucking can cause the front teeth to come in crooked.  Prolonged sucking on a pacifier or other objects can cause the same problems.

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Your dentist can determine if thumb sucking is influencing your child’s jaw, bite, or tooth formation by examining your child’s mouth. 

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If your child is old enough to understand, your dentist can talk to your child about the affects of thumb sucking.  Your dentist is happy to encourage your child to stop.  Over-the-counter solutions and mechanical devices can be of help.

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