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…and now the Trick: Halloween Candy and Cavity Prevention

Halloween is a "sweet" time for kids but Dentists will tell you that this is the time of year when parents need to remind their children about good dental hygiene and cavity prevention. All those treats your child has brought home can turn into quite the trick and lead to tooth decay or dental emergencies.  Now is the time to help your child sort his or her candy and review good oral health care.
Steer clear of sticky, chewy, or hard candy, meaning gum, taffy, licorice, jelly beans, and caramels are out.  What can your child have?  Stick to soft candy that melts in the mouth, such as chocolate or peanut butter cups.  Limit your child to a few pieces of candy each day and have your child eat them as dessert after a meal.  Whenever your child eats sweets, he or she should brush thoroughly with a fluoride toothpaste afterwards. 
Despite your best efforts, if your child has an incident, make sure to contact your dentist to have problems fixed promptly.  To decrease your child’s Halloween stash, participate in “buy back” incentives in your community. Some dentists take a proactive approach and offer such programs to get the sticky sweets out of the hands (and mouths) of children and off to our Nation’s military troops.

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