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Is “Natural” Toothpaste Okay for Kids?

With all of the “natural” products on the market these days, it is getting tough to determine which products are right for children. To add to the confusion, when it comes to natural toothpaste, many of the products do not contain fluoride. Therefore, which is better for children, natural or fluoride toothpaste?

According to the American Dental Association, toothpaste without fluoride is best for children who cannot spit during tooth brushing, including infants under age one. Too much fluoride can actually lead to a condition that stains teeth, called fluorosis. When your child is old enough to spit, talk to your dentist about fluoride toothpaste. It may be that your child gets enough fluoride from drinking tap water, food, and fluoride treatments. Regardless of the toothpaste that you select, using good brushing skills is the most important thing your youngster can do to have healthy clean teeth.

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