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New Mouth Bacteria Discovered

Did you know that your mouth contains hundreds of millions of bacteria? A healthy mouth contains many different types of microscopic organisms, and bacteria are the most numerous. In fact, there are over 600 different species of bacteria in the mouth, and researchers have just discovered one more.

It is important to identify and understand the functions of the microscopic organisms in the mouth to help prevent and treat gum disease, bad breath, and tooth decay. The new bacteria species called Prevotella appears to live in both healthy and cancerous mouth tissues. This tells scientists that the Prevotella bacteria are capable of entering both tissues and cells. The new discovery of Prevotella is important for helping researchers find ways to treat and prevent oral diseases. 

You can help prevent bacteria related gum disease and oral conditions with good oral hygiene. If you suspect that you have tooth decay or gum disease, make an appointment with your dentist. Early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent bigger problems.

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