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New Treatment for Gum Recession Breaks New Ground

Receding gums is a clear sign of gum disease, which many people might ignore. Gingival recession, or receding gums, is a condition in which the diseased tissue around a tooth begins to wear away or pull back. According to research, 50 percent of people suffer from some sort of recession with their gums.

Causes of Gum Recession:

  • Irregular or abnormal tooth position
  • Genetics
  • Periodontal disease (gum disease)
  • Overly aggressive tooth brushing
  • Gum trauma
Unfortunately, having receding gums can be painful for your teeth, causing them to become sensitive. Until now, dentists would cut and remove tissue from the roof of the mouth and then graft it onto the receded gum. Now that has all changed due to a one dentist's new groundbreaking procedure for people suffering from gum recession.

John Chao, DDS, of Alhambra Dental in California, created the Pinhole® Surgical Technique as an alternative to gum grafting, and to reduce pain in a short amount of time. According to a 33-month study, the Pinhole Technique had the same high success rate as the traditional graft technique but is far less invasive. Dr. Chao was the first dentist to perform this procedure, and he trains other dentists around the world.

About Dr. Chao's Pinhole Surgical Technique:

  • A needle makes a small 0.1-inch incision in the problem area in the gum.
  • The gum drapes down to the correct area, then is injected with collagen.
  • The procedure can correct 10 to 14 teeth at once, while traditional surgery only corrects two at a time.
  • Recovery is less than a day.
  • Cost depending on the level of procedure is between $500 and $1,800.
“A Novel Approach to Root Coverage: The Pinhole SurgicalTechnique” was published by the International Journal of Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry.

If you think you are suffering from gum recession, make sure to consult your dentist immediately, before it turns into a bigger issue.


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